Felons Need Jobs Too

    I know I made some poor decisions I'm my life. Still, I am glad to have learned the hard way than to have never learned at all. No shade, but some folks still haven't learned yet! 40+, 50+ years old getting illegal money. 
    Then again, employers don't have any jobs for those who came up hard and paid their debt to society, so what should they do? 
    1. Be homeless and live in some ratchet shelter or crackhead, $5 prostitute hotel? 
    2. Try and survive on $123 EBT, and $123 cash bi-weekly ($369 a month) from the government? 
    To be clear, I do not condone crime of any nature, but I am not everybody and vice versa. Some folks are not willing to live on crumbs. You are not ready to live that way. So, at least understand why people recidivate, or regress, or relapse into a previous mode of behavior, especially delinquency or criminal activity because of a broken system. A system designed to keep people from poorer communities all over the USA poor, imprisoned, or dead. 
    For you naysayers of course, many people from marginalized communities have slipped through the cracks and lived a crime-free lifestyle, and are very successful. Yet, listen to how it's described as slipping through a crack. It's a very accurate description. Especially when we have statistics from empirical data that states 1 in 3 black males born will be locked-up in their lifetime. On the flip slide, some may want to combat the 1 in 3 statistics and say no, it's 1 in 4 now regardless, the numbers are still disturbing. 
    Other facts from credible census reporters like neighborhood scout most recent claims, the violent crime rate in Hempstead is one of the highest in the nation. Neighborhood Scout also stated the "Violent offenses tracked included rape, murder and non-negligent manslaughter, armed robbery, and aggravated assault, including assault with a deadly weapon." Not only drug dealing. I can carry on, but the bottom line is we must have programs that promote change in policy or systems that will employ those who made poor decisions in their past. It will add value to their community and lives and reduce crime and increase public safety. #BLOCWORK

    By: Jamar Jackson



    Johnathan Perez says (Mar 26, 2021):

    I agree everybody deserves a chance to do the right thing after making bad choices in life.

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