Preventing Violent Crimes

    In Hempstead, NY multiple violent crimes have been reported for many decades such as murders, rapes, robberies, and assaults. Technically speaking, the crime rate took 14 years to drop beyond its starting point. In fact, from 2004 until 2009 the violent crime rate spiked so high that it took 9 years to get it below the 2004 statistic. I’ll save the 20 years of data from 1980 - 2000 for another blog. However, that is why we focus on working with people that are charged with violent crimes to combat the high violent crime rate, especially gun violence.

    Recently, I came across a report on 4/08/2021 and President Biden announced to focus on putting federal funding into local guns and violence prevention programs. This is important because urban areas are typically getting the short end of the stick when it comes to funding smaller local violence prevention programs. It has always been a high focus to address gun violence more around public shootings or mass shootings, or school shootings, but not so much on the people and programs in impoverished urban communities to end the ongoing violence.

    President Biden described the current intervention programs as being “badly underfunded or not funded at all.” His responses have shown he identified the problems and made changes to multiple current grant programs between various departments to highlight the work that needs to be done with people in racially divided, high-crime, impoverished neighborhoods where homicides are most severe and widespread. 

    It is clear, in the United States, a wedge exists between the people from poorer communities and law enforcement. We must fortify the relationship between law enforcement and the community. Why? Because law enforcement part in gun violence in our community is not a problem for them to solve on their own, it is an ongoing issue for the community members and leaders along with law enforcement to resolve together. However, law enforcement, city officials, the state, and government must understand that the community leaders and members of those neighborhoods are the most valuable to resolving the problems because of their direct experience of the problem with violent crimes especially gun violence.

    The cost of gun violence in the US is $280 billion. By investing funds into smaller local nonprofit programs that are closer to the people that live in these distressed communities affected by the crimes committed will lower the crime rate, and save the taxpayer dollars. 

    More than anything we need to focus on saving lives in our community. Not just by gun violence but by fighting violent crimes overall. The victim of a gun crime equals two lives lost. The shooter will now have to spend the rest of their life imprisoned or worst. Families are also mourning the death of their loved ones. Children are affected, wives or girlfriends are left to raise their child or children alone with very little support. The victim’s friends even take a loss. Also, the family members of the friends, who may have not had a relationship with the victim at all, feel the pain of their loved one’s grief. This is a communal problem. Not a victim, victimizer problem. Many people continuously suffer from violent crimes, especially gun violence crimes.


    Please note, as I am writing this blog the news reported that a man shot 3 people and killed one of the 3 victims at the Stop & Shop in W. Hempstead. Currently, the police have Terrace Avenue blocked off because the shooter allegedly is hiding in the area.


    At the end of the day, let’s put these programs into play by developing partnerships, building community relationships, fortify a relationship with law enforcement, local non-profits, and the community members to make a positive change for years to come.


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