Our Work is Promoting Justice Reform & Freedoms in

Our Community.

Many of New York’s counties are devastated by the local budgets, including Nassau and Suffolk because more money is spent on the county jails than on schooling, medical care for individuals or communities, or the economic well-being and quality of life for the communities, at a great cost to taxpayers. Our primary focus is to invest resources into impoverished communities and create reentry efforts to eliminate or minimize the obstacles to successful reentry, so motivated formerly incarcerated people can compete for jobs, live in structured and stable housing, provide for their children and families, and play a pivotal role in giving back and building their communities.


Re-entry reform is highly competitive. However, we believe that there is a place for a novel, innovative, and effective approach towards re-integrating people formerly incarcerated into their community using a high-quality, attractive, and intervention-type re-entry program. To produce promising outcomes that will stand the test of time in an evolving industry, and to help people during and after incarceration reach their goals, build resiliency and independence, live meaningful lives, and become a pivotal part of their communities, we need to form a consortium. FOR EXAMPLE, the community organizations should include the Nassau County Sheriff's Office, Nassau County District Court, Nassau County Parole Division and Probation Department, Community Corrections for formerly incarcerated individuals, Department of Social Services, the Mental Health Association of Nassau County, Nassau Community College or Hofstra University for A.B.E./Adult Basic Education or GED Curriculum, and REACT or a substance abuse agency. 


Helping formerly incarcerated individuals be able to understand that regular poor behavior patterns will lead to getting undesired results is critical. For BLOC Work, implementing a more tried and true corrective type sanctioning system to support and help change the individual’s negative attitude and behavior is imperative. The concept is about creating a one-stop-shop that caters to formerly incarcerated individual’s needs pre and post-incarceration. 


Public Black owned nonprofit institutions like BLOC Work rely heavily on public support. For our organization to become a bona fide public nonprofit institution, at least 33 percent of our income must come either from small donors, the government or from other charities. The collected funds must then be used to directly support the organization's initiatives.

To grow the company, we will do the following:

Apply for fedral grants or for grants from organizations that support projects similar to ours.

Have various types of fundraisers to expand our reach to our targeted population and to leverage other organizations.

As the business grows, advertise in targeted markets, and expand by launching HLA's Trauma Training Curriculum and the 5 Key Model in multiple states to help people in corrections with re-entry and reducing crime.

Use social media platforms like Facebook, GoFundMe, Paypal, or Network for Good to raise funds for our growth strategy to achieve our mission with helping people formerly incarcerated and those from marginalized communities to expand as a public charitable organization. 

Together, We Can Make a Difference.

Help support the community today! As a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization we can offer you a tax write off or a charitable dediction for your donation. We accept monetary and essential donations, such as clothing, food, male and feminine hygiene products.

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